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07 November 2009

law vs myself...

salam mujahadah...

law~~ 1 of my favourite subject since tamhidi. in diz first semester sir syed najib being my lecturer for diz subject while sir shahrulmizan been my tutor. i really love both of them although sometimes my friends and me couldn't understand what sir syed najib teach us bcoz of his soften and slow voice. and sometimes i hate when u r cancelling our lecture on tuesday ( mybe some student like when u r cancelling diz class)...

besides that's, same situation we've to go through, sir shahrulmizan is a fussy tutor. opss,, sory sir.. but i really like ur class although u r quite fussy, doing activities and discussing with u is a great moment. i've miss 1 moment wif u sir, i couldn't attend ur open house in bangi ( open house ke..?? no, it's open office actually..) jangan marah sir, nanti kena jual.. =P

p/s: adakah ini dikire mengata... maihh.. such a gud student..

there's 8 part of malaysian legal system that i've to covered for diz final exam.. tough enough for me... i hope that i can answer diz subject very well although it quite challengging... d topic is:-

~ distribution of federal and state
~ position of islam in malaysia
~ freedom of religion
~ subsidiary legislation
~ legislation process in parliament
~ emergency powers
~ fundamental liberties ( i dont like diz topic very well.. huk3)
~ jurisdiction of court in malaysia

i've had cover all d topic but i think dat i've to review it back for d 2nd round. i'm not focusing more for fundamental liberties, i'm sick study dat topic...huhuhu

lastly, i would like to say thnx to sir syed najib and sir shahrulmizan for teaching me diz subject. i'll do my bez for ur subject... pray for me and also all ur student...

wt asgment law time tamhidi dlu..

our law lecturer for sem 1 tamhidi.. mdm lin~ doing phd in uk

our lecturer while we are sitting in sem 2 tamhidi.. sir hazmi a.k.a sir spongebob~ doing phd in uow, australia..

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