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29 October 2009

~our take home test question~

salam mujahadah..

one more time... hehehehe... sharing is caring right..???? ngee~
diz is our take home test question,, help me... please answer it for me... hoho~

1) The accused, Samoa a/l Silam, was charged for the murder of one Rajam a/p Rama, an offence under section 302 of the Penal Code, which carries death penalty, if found guilty.

2) Abu Zarzar, an advocate and solicitor, claims a sum of RM100 million as damages for the defamatory remarks made against him by Salman in an article appearing in the 11 October 2006 issue of the International Commercial Litigation magazine

3) The plaintiff, Tiara Development Sdn. Bhd, is seeking an injunction requiring the defendant, Nadar Development Sdn. Bhd, to removed from the plaintiff’s land all permanent and/or temporary structures, be it in the form of ground anchors or otherwise, and futher to prevent the defendant and/or its agent from futher encroaching and trespassing onto the plaintiff’s land

4) Ahmad,a purchaser, sued Abu Construction Sdn. Bhd., a housing developer, for a sum of RM 48, 561 as liquidated damages for the late delivery of vacant possession of his house.

5) On 30 June 2006, at about 3.30 pm, Azlan was riding a motorcycle and he was involved in an accident with a motor lorry trailer driven recklessly by Raihan. As a result of the said accident, he was injured and consequently treated for his injuries at the Ipoh Specialist Centre. He is now contemplating a civil suit for negligence against the driver of the motor lorry trailer, claiming a sum of RM 300,000 as damages for the personal injury sustained.

6) A 16 years old boy was charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murdering his grandmother, an offence punishable with death penalty.

7) Ahmad gave false evidence in a judicial proceeding, an offence under Section 193 of the Penal Code punishable with seven years imprisonment and fine.

8) A borrowed RM 1 million from Bank B in Johor. He failed to pay the loan and Bank B would like to institute an action against him.

9) Bujal read an advertisement of exercise equipment. Bujal bought the item for RM 20,000. Upon delivery, Bujal discovered that the product was not as advertised and asked for a replacement or refund which the company refused.

10) Bujang involved in an accident and he would like to claim for special and general damages amounting to RM 600,000.

11) Abu was charged under Section 189 of the Penal Code for threatening to injure a police officer while the officer was dispersing an unruly crowd in an assembly. A person guilty of the offence is liable to be punished with two years imprisonment or with fine.

12) The State of Perak is of the opinion that the Federal Government have not adequately granted money due to the State Government. The State of Perak would like to bring an action to court to force the federal government to release the unpaid money.

13) Kevin intended to file a divorce from his wife Stacey.

14) Salmah, a former newscaster of TV3, filed a RM 285000 suit against a local broadcasting company over an alleged defamatory statement that she had been divorced recently and married to one of a royal family.

15) Mr. Abu, an executive director of Abadi Sdn. Bhd. was dismissed from employment after working for two months. He claimed that his dismissal was without just cause.

16) A state government had alienated a piece of land to the Ruler of a State, for commercial purposes. The Ruler had appointed Speed Construction Sdn. Bhd. to develop the land. After working for a year, the company abandoned the project without any valid reasons and the rulers would like to commence an action against the company.

17) The Assistant Principal of Sri Alam College was dismissed from employment for alleged misconduct. She claimed that her dismissal was wrongful and would like to file an action against the college.

18) Kamariah, a senior officer of Tenkuk Berhad, was charged for criminal breach of trust for misappropriation of property, an offence under section 406 of the Penal Code punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to ten years, or with fine or both.

19) A twelve-year-old boy was apprehended by the security guard of Warta Supermarket for shoplifting.

20) ten students of Sekolah Sri Bayu were caught for participating in an unlawful assembly, an offence under Section 27(5) of The Police Act 1967, were its found guilty shall be punished with up to a years imprisonment or fine between RM 2000 to RM10000 or both, upon conviction.

21) Abu is comtempleting an application for judicial review to quash an order of restricted residence dated 21 October 2007 issued against him by the minister of internal security, Malaysia pursuant to the Restricted Residence Act 1933, Section 2.

22) Yap Swee King died on 2 September 2007. The widow, Mong Siow, intends to apply for a letter of administration to administer the estate of her deceased husband.

23) In February 2007, Mr. Karim lent RM 500,000 to Madam Zambee and the latter
agreed to pay back within 6 months. At the end of the 6 months, Madam Zambee had only paid RM 300,000 and had failed and/or refused to settle the balance. Mr. Karim would like to file an action in court against Madam Zambee to recover the outstanding balance.

24) A, rented his bungalow to B for RM2000 per month. B defaulted in paying the rent for one year as he lost his job during the economic recession. A wants to apply for a writ of distress to enable the furniture and electrical equipments in rented house to be sold off to satisfy his claim for the unpaid rent.

25) Bob was charged in the Sessions Court under a federal law for propagating religion other than Islam among Muslims. He would like to challenge the validity of the provision under which he was charged on the ground that Parliament has no power to enact such provision.

26) The State Government alienated land to the Sultan and the Sultan appointed XYZ Sdn. Bhd. Extract timber from the land. After working for a few months on the land XYZ Sdn. Bhd. Out that the Sultan has appointed another contractor to extract timber from the same land. Advise XYZ Sdn. Bhd.

27) Yau Meng intended to file an action for divorce against her husband, Joney Tan, on th that she had been severely battered by the husband for the last two years.

28) Z who stayed in Kuala Lumpur disputed the ownership of a piece of land situated in Perak.

29) A, a 17 years old boy was caught having in possession of two kilograms of heroin, an offence under 398 of Dangerous Drugs Act which carries a mandatory death sentence upon con

30) Tim was caught having in his possession forged ATM cards and charged under Section 4 Penal Code which carries a maximum of 20 years jail and fine.

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