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26 October 2009

final exam... around the corner...

salam mujahadah....

sedarkah kalian bahawa kita sekarang berada di pengakhiran tahun 2009.. adakah impian dan azam yang ditanam pada awal tahun tercapai..?? urm~ if that's question asked towards me, from the bottom of my heart of course the answer is NO. kenapa jadi cmtu ea..?? the answer is easy,, tepuk dada, asked urself (dont ever ask others outside, forsure they can't answer on ur behave) =P

urm~ pada awal tahun dulu ana berjanji untuk belajar bersungguh2, dan berazam untuk capai dean list for this sem, but from my point of view, ana masih belum mencapai target ana untuk belajar bersungguh2 tu. ana rasa macam ana banyak main dan leka dalam aktiviti harian ana. masa berlalu begitu pantas, sedar x sedar da nak habis sem 1. final pun da dekat, insyaallah 4/11/2009 ana start final exam.

who is she..???

abah juga ada mengkhabarkan adik bongsu ana, muhammad fadhlillah akan exam on 2/11/2009. peperiksaan akhir tahun setelah penat berjuang di tingkatan 4 this year. hope u will not stop ur study dear! keep it up! i know u can do it. do the best to achieve ur dreams being a doctor one day... try to fulfill ur desire to continue ur studies at moscow. i'll always pray for you my dearest... gud luck 4 ur spm next year!

camera boy..

btw,, my only 1 sister, nur faatihah also sitting for her final exam this week. she's studying at uitm alamanda at shah alam doing dipl of business management. ur last paper on 10th right..?? urghh,, u make me jelous girl, u go back 1st k! we have to cancel our plan.. try to get dean list k girl! i wanna see ur success... but, pleas pray for me also k..

gud luck sis!

besides that, i really miss all my friend, maahadianz and also plkn.. how ur's study everyone..?? someone that i really miss is my bestfriend during plkn, ira or her full name is nadhirah.. we are not contact each for a long period, it's because we're busy with our responsible as student. we also never meet each other after plkn. but, with GOD pleasure we having time to messaging juz now. it may not so long but it's enough to releas our missing. i'll really miss her, she is my bestfriend ever and forever. for ur information, she's sitting for stpm this year. she doesnt want to share her stpm trial result,, but it's okey.. i'll know she's doing well regarding to her spm result before. stpm will be held on 23th of november, 1 week before hari raya qurban. very challenging.. gud luck dear! i wish to see u in same university..

with ira...

urm~ lastly for my handsome cousin, mohd amirul aiman. how's ur study boy? is it ok..? how's ur spm trial? u didn't tell me ur result yet. i personally think that u can! u wanna be engineer right..? i pray for u.. actually i dont know when spm is, billion of sory k. haaa,, how's angah...? angah is his brother act, he at the same age with my little bro. his name is mohd amirul ariff, very naughty boy when he was child. gud luck both of u k!

2 brother's..

urm~~ i dont know what to say anymore, juz to deprived my boringness act. suddenly i feel sleepy, arghh.. time to sleep, it's already 4 a.m... lastly, i wanna wish best of luck to all. i'll pray for our success.

our target!! try to get it..

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