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03 April 2011


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p/s: nak tengok gambar lagi ea..? jom tengok kat sini, ataupun sini.

green benevolence

salam mujahadah..

kali ni ana nak citer sikit pasal green benevolence. pe tu..??
ce cite ce cite!

For our critical thinking and problem solving subject, we have to create something or anything due to theme and slogan that already given by our beloved lecturer, Mr. Azmir. It can be product, blog, web or anything.

Theme: Green

Slogan: “I make a profit from a problem. I convert waste into wealth”

My team member: Ibrahim, che mat, faiz, rushdy, farhana ismail, ain, k.haizum, izzati and ummu salamah.

Our company name is “green benevolence”.

I had been asking person about this project including my sis. She’s giving me a brilliant idea, however it’s too hard for us to make that idea. What is it..? biarlah rahsia~

Then I’m asking my blogger friend, mr. Faiz. He’s telling me about green building. Yaa, I’m little bit excited with that! Then, I’m informed my teammate about that idea. And we decide to proceed with green building project. We informed mr. azmir about our idea, however, he said that “ this project is quite good BUT I think you can do another thing that’s better than this project.”

Upset! It’s okey.. we can do better green benevolence. During our discussion, rushdi says about mosquitoes. Why not we produced mosquito’s catcher..!? I remember that, my father used to email me about this. I already have all the ingredient that’s need to produced it. After brainstorming an idea, all of us agree and decided to make mosquito’s catcher. Mr. azmir said it’s very interesting. Just proceed with this product. Okey, thanks mr. azmir!

2 april 2011 is our exhibition. It’s surprised! our company won this competition, Seminar dan Pameran Produk Kreatif (SPARK). All of us very shocked! The word “WIN” never came to our brain.

Ini adalah blog peribadi. sebarang bentuk artikel, informasi mahupun gambar yang dimiliki oleh pemilik blog ini boleh digunapakai oleh blogger lain tanpa memerlukan kebenaran tetapi mestilah diletakkan pautan kepada blog ini. sebarang printscreen adalah dilarang sama sekali. pemilik blog mempunyai kuasa untuk mengambil tindakan undang-undang atas penyalahgunaan pelaku.

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